About Us

Legacy Early College is a public charter school located in Greenville's West End. The West End is the Upstate's newest story of urban renewal a renaissance that has brought about the Greenville Drive Baseball stadium, new shops, restaurants and condominiums, the SC Governor's School for the Arts, and upgraded streets and lighting. It's also home to the Sterling community, a historically relevant neighborhood in Greenville.

Legacy Early College's teaching and learning is guided by TAP; The System for Teacher and Student Advancement, and we strongly believe that with a balance of challenge and support, all students will flourish. Our small class sizes, personalized learning experiences and support programs enable all students to be successful. We believe every student at Legacy Early College will attend and graduate from college.

Legacy Early College has three divisions on two campuses in West Greenville. The Elementary School provides academic foundations for students in grades K5-4.  The Middle School provides a seamless transition for students in grades 5-8.  And the Early College High School completes the journey by preparing students for college and career via a customized learning approach that centers on students qualifying to take college courses at Greenville Technical College while in high school.

In a school climate where caring, support, and high expectations are the norm, students are able to focus on academic and physical fitness in preparation for a bright future every day. Today, Legacy Early College is a school that reflects both the West End renewal and the Sterling community tradition of pride and excellence.

  • Here, a progressive curriculum based on "Common Core" state standards is delivered via a nationally recognized system for teaching and learning. Here too, community and family are essential parts of the learning environment and interaction with others is based on a code of traditional values and respect.
  • Here, instruction is delivered through technology-based educational tools like "Promethean Boards," iPads, and hand-held devices for mathematics like the TI-nspire navigation system.
  • Here, creativity and expression are encouraged not only in music and art classes, but also in traditional academics.

What defines Legacy Early College?

  • We prepare every student for academic success every period of every day---failure is not an option.
  • We are a public charter school available to all students who live in Greenville County.
  • We are focused on fitness  45 minutes of daily physical education for every student.
  • We have small class sizes, limited to 20 students, as well as Extended Day programs for additional academic assistance.
  • Nutrition education is taught and a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided every day.
  • Every student at Legacy Early College has the opportunity to attend camps and experiential learning trips where the goal is to educate, motivate, and empower the students to succeed.