ACT Testing

ACT Aspire, ACT Workkeys and The ACT will be administered to students (3rd grade through 8th and 11th grade) in April. Is your child ready? ACT, Inc. explains in this letter to parents and students why these tests are important and how to prepare for them: ACT Parent Letter. 


Students in grades 3-8 will take the ACT Aspire tests April 28th-30th:

      April 28 Writing and ELA

      April 29 Reading

      April 30- Math

             The ACT Aspire tests are timed.


Students in grades 3-8 will take  SCPASS May 7th and 8th:

      May 7 Science

      May 8 Social Studies

          The SCPASS tests are not timed.



Electronic devices including cell phones will not be allowed in classrooms during these tests. Students are strongly encouraged to leave them at home on test days.  If students bring them to school, they will be stored in a secure location in the office.