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The first step is to complete the form below or contact us at enroll@legacyearlycollege.org.

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Student Eligibility

Students eligible to attend Legacy Early College School are those who:

  • Reside in Greenville County or Greenville School District attendance area
  • Complete the Legacy Early College Application

The admission policies and procedures of Legacy Early College provide that, subject to space limitations, the Early College will admit all children who are eligible regardless of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, ancestry, or need for special education services.

Each student will complete a basic application form. The form will include the student's name, address, school currently attending, last grade completed, current grade, and telephone number. The parent or sponsor will be required to sign the admission form.

All students must provide the following before their application is complete: birth certificate, Social Security card, immunization form, most recent report card, Individual Education Plan (IEP), if applicable, and a proof of address (such as a utility bill). 

Application Process

      The application process will begin in January. Legacy Early College (LCS) will accept:

      • 110 students in each grade K 4th (Elementary Campus)
      • 110 students in each grade 5th 12th (Parker Campus)

      If the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the program, class, grade level, or building, students will be accepted by lot, as specified in federal or state guidelines. Even though the policies and procedures do not limit or deny admission or show preference to any individual group, priority may be given to:

      • a sibling of a pupil currently or previously enrolled,
      • children of charter school employees, and
      • children of the Early College committee, provided enrollment does not exceed twenty percent of the enrollment of the Early College.

      The application process will correspond with other local charter schools and applications will be available at the school locations, on the Legacy Early College web site, Greenville County Library branches, and other points of distribution. Applications may be obtained in different languages upon request. Completed applications will be accepted at the offices of Legacy Early College (both campuses) or online.

      Information about the school will be disseminated in the following ways:

      • Print and broadcast media
      • On-campus group sessions for parents and interested students held days, evenings, and weekends to accommodate varying work schedules of parents and students
      • Information sessions held at recommended community sites to assure convenient contact with all areas of the community
      • Distribution through business and industry employees and Chamber of Commerce newsletter
      • Direct mail to parents of homeschooled students
      • Special programming using local cable access channels
      • Informational video using production capabilities for distribution to individuals who inquire, as well as for use in presentation to civic, business, industry, and other groups
      • Direct mail to students and parents throughout Greenville County.

Lottery Process

        As a Charter School, all students will be accepted regardless of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, ancestry, or need for special education services. If the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the program during any enrollment period, students will be accepted by a lottery process for student selection that is described below.

        1. All preference categories as established by the SC Charter SchoolLaw shall be published prior to conducting the Lottery.
        2. All applicants entitled to receive a placement preference shall be identified prior to the Lottery.
        3. Preference status entitles an applicant to be offered an available seat ahead of applicants without a preference status.
        4. All preferences shall be considered in the following order:
          1. Applicant sibling of a currently or formerly attending student.
          2. Applicant sibling of an accepted applicant applying for the same academic year.
          3. Children of Legacy Early College employees.
          4. A child of Legacy Early College Planning Committee member.
        5. Siblings who are applying for the first time will receive preference only after one of the siblings has been accepted.
        6. The Lottery will be held in open meeting, may rely on computer numbering, and will be easily understood and followed by all observers.
        7. Only applications received prior to the established deadline will be eligible for Lottery participation.
        8. All offers of acceptance and registration will be made in the order of the Lottery results and established wait list. No offer will be made to any student not properly entitled to the next available seat.
        9. All applicants offered acceptance will be required to respond affirmatively in writing within 15 calendar days. Those not responding (excluding declines) will be placed on the wait list. All students will be provided in writing their status for acceptance and wait list.

Acceptance Process

    1. New students must submit a completed application.
    2. If the school is not oversubscribed on March 1, all eligible students who complete the application process will receive written notification of acceptance at the end of the acceptance period.
    3. If oversubscribed, a public lottery will be conducted in accordance with the Charter School statute (see Lottery Process below).
    4. After the lottery process is completed, students will receive written notification of acceptance for the upcoming school term. Students will also be notified if they are placed on a waiting list and of their position on the waiting list after the lottery is completed.
    5. Students must affirmatively respond in writing to the offer of acceptance within fifteen days of notification. Students on the waiting list will be accepted in the order resulting from the lottery if space becomes available.
    6. If the Charter School denies admission to a student for reasons other than the results of a lottery, the student may appeal the denial to the local school board of trustees.

Legacy Levels Brochure (English)

Legacy Levels Brochure (Spanish)