Afterschool Programs

Lion's College Club After-school Program

The Legacy Lion’s College Club will offer a comprehensive extended day program to provide our students and families a variety of daily experiences that develop well-rounded students in academics, literacy, health and wellness, character, and the arts.

Legacy Charter Elementary School has planned days throughout the school year that will allow students a well-rounded routine at no charge to the families right at their home school. Our program will have 5 key focus initiatives. Mondays-Thursdays, students will spend the first hour in our first key initiative: academic math and reading sessions. Title I will partner with grants and other private donations to fund teachers and assistants to work with small groups (3-5 students), large groups (no more than 12), individual students, or partners. Academic math and reading sessions will consist of a combination of leveled reading activities, hands-on math lessons, individualized computer instruction, social skills teaching opportunities, and other educational enhancement techniques.

The second hour will be utilized to support our 4 remaining key initiatives with the partnership of Furman University and the YMCA. Body movement guidance will give students choice between such activities as: cheerleading, dance, karate, and yoga. The math and science systems will allow for choices in chess, legos, robotics, and computers. The arts and music area has choices of sculpting, painting/drawing, chorus, and symphony. The athletic theme will encompass choices with basketball, soccer, track, and gymnastics. Fridays will be solely off-campus that allows our little lions to experience swimming lessons and swimming every week.

Triple “A” Program - After-school Academic Acceleration/Assistance-Legacy Early College HS

“Youth who participate in after-school programs improve significantly in three major areas: feelings and attitudes, indicators of behavioral adjustment, and school performance.”  

Based on research conducted by Durlak, Weissberg and the William T. Grant Foundation, 2007.

Purpose: To provide intense skill development and necessary homework help in language arts, mathematics and science. The Triple A Program is an integral component of our strategic plan to improve EOC/HSAP scores, promotion rates, preparation for Early College placement and the graduation rate.

Targeted students:

  • LECHS students in danger of not reaching 80% mastery in one or more core subject classes and/or as referred by teachers, guidance, parents, or administration,
  • students on academic probation,
  • students needing extra help referred by teachers, and
  • upper classmen who need extra help in preparation for HSAP/COMPASS-ASSET/SAT/ACT Exams.
Time & Place: 4:00-6:00pm in Early College High School classrooms.     Cost: none

Transportation: available to select neighborhoods

Length of program: beginning 8/20 and ending 5/10
Supervision and Evaluation of program
: Legacy Charter/Parker Campus administration