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December 24, 2016

Legacy Charter awarded grant to study preschool program

"Legacy Charter School has been awarded a $381,815 grant from the U.S. Department of Education to explore the feasibility of adding preschool classes in a high-poverty area of Greenville.

The school will partner with the Institute for Child Success to assess the needs of the community, set goals for a preschool program and define the potential public value of such classes."


November 10, 2016

Update on Kidata Frazier

We’d like to highlight Kidata Frazier, physical science teacher at Legacy’s Early College High School on her health journey. In January 2016 she was featured in Legacy’s monthly Fitness Newsletter which can be read here. Then, Kidata had lost a total of 46 pounds and now, as of November 9, 2016 she has lost 141 pounds!  Her weight loss journey began on September 26, 2015 when she went to the doctor for a check-up and they informed her she was pre-diabetic. Kidata said that was a wake-up call that she had to get healthy and made the plans to do so. She was on blood pressure medicine at the time but is now slowly but surely coming off of it and is no longer pre-diabetic. Congratulations and job well done, Ms. Frazier!

Her three points of advice are:

-Remember this is a lifestyle, not a diet.
-Portion control is key!
-If you need someone to keep you accountable, reach out to someone! Working with Christina Williams at All Above Healthy Lifestyle has made a world of difference in Kidata’s life.




November 8, 2016

PBS NewsHour asks America's teens, "What would you tell the next president?" The following is a snippet taken from the November 4, 2016 press release.   

"PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs challenged youth around the country to “speak” a letter to the next president voicing the concerns closest to their hearts. More than 140 video letters came in from around the country, addressing themes such as student debt, gender inequality, race and education. Students, many of them first-time voters, are asking forsolutions to issues such as drug addiction, tensions with the police, the foster care system and preserving Native American cultures.

Scholars from Roar Productions, a student reporting lab led by Neena Kumar at Legacy Early College High School, Greenville SC interviewed their peers and their video letters compiled here demonstrate that today’s teens are not afraid to voice their opinions and speak out on issues they care about.

“One of the first steps towards being an active citizen is finding your voice and speaking out about the injustices you see,” said PBS NewsHour Executive Producer and WETA Senior Vice President Sara Just. “All of us at NewsHour are proud of the work that these students and their teachers are doing and we are pleased to add the youth perspective to our election coverage.”


Legacy Students Among Those Sending Letters to the Next President. -Greenville Journal.



October 4, 2016

A Mind Devoted

I am devoted,

To learning and succeeding.

I am devoted,

To helping those in need of help

I am devoted,

To being the best I am and having fun.

I have and will run into problems,

They will hurt and scar me,

but they won’t change who I am.

For I have a mind devoted.

           By Tyler Yates Grade 10
           Forensic Science and Journalism student

           Teacher: Neena Kumar


September 19, 2016

Facebook post written by Assistant Athletic Director and Head Women's Basketball Coach, LaCheryl Smith:

"I had a college basketball coach tell me that 75% of the "Senior" student-athletes that he recruits (in SC) aren't registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse. This is an alarming statistic to me. It bothers me that high school coaches and travel team coaches aren't making sure that their athletes are registered with the NCAA by their Junior year. What is the purpose of taking them all over the country to college exposures, if you aren't going to mandate that they are eligible. There are two types of exposure: bad exposure and good exposure. If you are a coach and you don't know the requirements to be NCAA Eligible then you are doing a disservice to your student-athlete and you are setting them up for failure!! Teams are winning championships but the athletes can't qualify for scholarships!! Smh!!

Glad to be apart of a school/athletic department that puts the kids first!!"








September 1, 2016

Click the link below to read Pastor and Legacy parent Darian Blue's article on Greenville communities.

One Greenville, Two Realities...


August 22, 2016

Written by Jayden Williams, 9th grade student in Mrs. Neena Kumar's Biology class.  

Brainstorming with Ms. Judy:
Today, August 22, 2016, Ms. Judy Verhoeven came to visit our Biology class. She gave us insight and ideas to include in our thumbnails. She enlightened us on how we could make the thumbnails better and to make them not so complicated for people (plain folk, as stated by her) who don't really know about biology. What I gained from her, is that sometimes simple is better. When I started my thumbnail, I wanted to include all my previous knowledge on photosynthesis/cellular respiration and insert into this information heavy visual. When we started the brainstorm she asks us questions about how we define the vocabulary and took that information and incorporated it into a simple drawing, that included every single standard. It took us three to six drawings compared to her one thumbnail!

I'm in a better place of understanding, concerning the visual for our art. I learned a valuable lesson, to not make things as complex as they might be perceived. I think as a group we are all in a higher place of understanding. I had questions that came to mind, but me being amazed by her artistic skill and critical thinking ability, I was scared to ask a question about adding some extra details. 

1. What if we included ATP on the front of the dollar bills instead of George Washington?
2. What if we inserted light energy in the circle representing the sun?

I had some ideas of adding the details from the questions I didn't ask, but I have to see if the group will comply so we can add it into the final thumbnail. In conclusion, for myself, I need to be more assertive, as you said we all have a voice. I gained a valuable lesson, enlightenment, critical thinking, brilliant ideas, and perception from Ms. Judy in only 20-25 minutes. 


August 8, 2016

Written by 2016 graduate Jeremiah Davis 

I came to Legacy with no ambition or goals. My mind was made up to drop out at seventeen. Friends, teachers, principals saw something in me that for so long I didn't see in myself. Their encouragement helped me to blossom into a resilient being. “Change comes to those who make it, not fake it.” Legacy welcomed me with open arms and an open door policy, regardless of the trials I underwent. I once was a cub with ambition but now I am a Legacy Lion forever!  

July 27, 2016

As we enter into the 2016 – 2017 school year, we are excited to welcome our new and returning students and families! I am honored to join and lead the Legacy Early College High School team.  

Students, prepare to work hard, be resilient, and remain focused as we continue this journey to and through college. Come with an open heart and open mind so that you can fully benefit from the exceptional learning experience Legacy has to offer. We are here for you and look forward to building strong and lasting relationships.

Our dedicated and caring team of teachers is committed to providing students with engaging and personalized learning experiences through virtual learning platforms, accelerated learning programs and other wraparound services. Our teachers are committed to planning, preparing, and executing rigorous lessons that challenge students to think critically and engage meaningfully in content.  

Our unique Early College program allows students the opportunity to participate in tuition-free college courses at Greenville Technical College and North Greenville University upon maintaining a high GPA (grade-point average), consistently exhibiting executive skills and meeting standardized test requirements. 

Legacy Early College High School will be known as a school of excellence where our teachers, parents, and students work together to provide unwavering support for our scholars. We believe this community of encouragement will ensure our students achieve academic excellence, refined leadership skills and build lasting relationships preparing them for a lifetime of fitness, wellness, and college and career success. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me at npavon@legacycharter.org

Onward and Upward, 

Noemi Pavon,
Legacy Early College High School Principal