Dance Program

LECHS is proud to introduce a new Dance Program at Legacy provided by Metropolitan Fine Arts Council!

As a Title 1 school serving some of Greenville’s most underserved students, LECHS is fully committed to the goals of Academic Excellence and a quality Physical Education. In support of these school goals, LECHS is implementing a new Dance Program in the 2017-2018 academic year for 9th through 12th grade scholars. The Dance Program will be directed by experienced dance instructor Ms. Nicole Murphy, a former KIPP educator. Ms. Murphy has a proven track record as an educator and as a Fine Arts Coordinator who has successfully built a fine arts department in the past, and she has the full support of LECHS’s administration and educational staff.

LECHS’s Dance Program expects to achieve high scholar performance each academic year, culminating in several yearly public dance productions. Our dance program meets all South Carolina academic regulations.