What is a charter school?

  • A public school which is a nonprofit corporation operating within a public school district;
  • An avenue for parents, teachers, and community members to create new and more flexible ways of educating students.

How is a charter school like/different from other public schools?

  • Open enrollment – any student eligible to attend Greenville County Schools may attend with no admission tests or admission standards; no tuition;
  • Same federal, state, and local money flows through the local school district;
  • Must be accountable, meeting all State/Federal standards for student achievement;
  • Governed by a board elected by parents and teachers;
  • Has flexibility to innovate with the curriculum and faculty;
  • Requires parental involvement;
  • Must meet the guidelines set forth in its charter.

What is an Early College High School?

  • An autonomous high school located on or near a college with an enrollment of less than 110 students per grade;
  • Supplements course offerings by enrolling students in college courses for secondary and post-secondary credit (dual credit);
  • Early Colleges graduate students with a high school diploma and some post-secondary credits;
  • Early Colleges encourage students to remain for a fifth year to graduate with both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree;
  • Early Colleges are associated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Middle College National Consortium.

Why Early College High School? For students:

  • who want a small school with an individualized learning program;
  • who want to begin taking college courses while in high school – free;
  • who are especially interested in the programs offered at the Greenville Technical College.

What curriculum and programs will be available?

  • A strong academic foundation with small student teacher ratio;
  • Project-based curriculum modeled after real world practices for active, engaged learning;
  • Mastery learning and required academic assistance;
  • High expectations for all, no levels or tracks;
  • Advisor/Advisee, providing career and academic advisement;
  • Individualized Learning Plan for all students;
  • Business partners and mentoring program;
  • Required community service;
  • Required capstone project for graduation;
  • Uniform dress code;
  • And highly qualified and caring faculty/staff.