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Our Fitness is Making News


Youth Fitness

    1. Recent reports from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention document that youth who are physically active and fit demonstrate higher levels of academic performance and fewer behavioral problems. Legacy Charter School's multifaceted approach to education is based on the premise that a 'sound body nurtures a sound mind.' Physically active children tend to have greater academic achievement and enhanced cognition. Physical activity has also been documented to support learning capacity along with stimulating structural changes in the brain important for learning.

      Only 4% of elementary schools, 8% of middle schools and 2% of high schools in the United States provide daily physical education. Legacy Charter School is committed to the health and wellness of its children and is the only public school in South Carolina to provide 45 minutes of physical education 5 days per week to all children.

      To support the physical education program, our school fitness center at the Parker Campus houses a yoga/dance studio, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, TRX and cross-fit equipment, and universal weight stations to promote personal physical fitness.

Parent Fitness

    1. Legacy Charter School is committed to youth fitness and healthy behaviors and is the only school in South Carolina to provide every child, in all grade levels, 45 minutes of daily physical education, while receiving nutritious meals exceeding current state and national recommendations. Legacy Charter School also recognizes that positive health behaviors taught at school need to be reinforced at home. The behaviors parents model consistently impact how children behave in and out of school. Health behaviorists have written extensively about the impact of direct observation and the behaviors children replicate as a result of watching their parents. Parents who model healthy behaviors not only improve their own wellness, but also demonstrate the importance of these healthy behaviors to their children.

      Unfortunately, three out of every five adults in South Carolina are either overweight or obese. These trends are more prevalent among the African American community. Equally troubling is that approximately 50% of adult males and 59% of adult females in Greenville do not participate in moderate intensity physical activity. The second and third leading causes of death for adults in Greenville are diseases of the heart and cerebro-vascular diseases, preventable with improved physical fitness.

      Legacy Charter School therefore encourages all of its parents to actively participate in the school's health and fitness program.

      By joining the Legacy Fitness Center, parents learn the benefits of regular physical activity focusing on strategies to lead a healthy lifestyle. Legacy Charter is the only school in South Carolina to provide its parents with these unique opportunities, free of charge.

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