Gateway for College Success

Academics should be the first priority of every student enrolled at Legacy Charter High School. Students are placed in demanding, rigorous academic courses. Each student's program of study will have a strong academic core including mathematics, science, language arts and history. Students also develop critical technology skills needed for research, written and oral communication tools, advanced study, and job readiness. South Carolina Academic Achievement Standards are used as a basis to develop curriculum frameworks and learning standards for each academic area.

All science, mathematics, language arts and history courses listed in the LECHS Curriculum Guide are offered to all students. A studentís program of study may include additional courses not offered at LECHS. Through a dual credit program, specific Greenville Technical College academic programs and courses may be identified as part of an individual studentís program of study. These college courses are most often taken in grades 11 and 12 as an alternative to high school-level academic courses at LECHS. Those who meet certain college requirements may begin taking college courses as early as the freshman year.

Eligibility Guidelines for Legacy Early College High School Students Taking GTC College Classes

  • LECHS students must successfully pass the COMPASS placement test in one or more parts to be eligible to take college classes. SAT scores might also qualify a student.
  • LECHS students must be proficient (80 or above) in all of their LCS classes and maintain a 3.0.
  • LECHS students must be proficient (C or above) in all of their GTC classes.
  • LECHS students must show other areas of responsibility. Indicators of responsibility include: initiative, determination, commitment, discipline, attendance, and grades.

Based on the above guidelines, students will be encouraged to take classes at Greenville Tech College. It is our sincere desire that all students have the opportunity to take college classes during their tenure at LECHS. It is at the discretion of LECHS and Greenville Tech College to limit the number and type of courses allowed.

When students are in a Greenville Tech College class, the rules of LECHS and Greenville Tech College apply. This includes the LECHS dress code.

By state law, a student has 5 days to drop a semester class. If a LECHS student withdraws from a Greenville Tech College class after the initial drop date, he/she will receive a W, will be required to pay LECHS for the textbook and will lose the opportunity to take college classes for one semester.

If a LECHS student earns a ďDĒ in a GTC course, the student loses the opportunity to take any GTC courses for at least a semester and must retake the course at his/her own expense, pass the GTC course, and meet the above guidelines.

If a LECHS student earns an ďFĒ in a GTC course, the student loses the opportunity to take any GTC course for two semesters and must retake the course at his/her own expense, pass the GTC course and meet the above guidelines.

Graduation Requirements

LECHS follows the South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale. In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, the Principal must certify that the student has met the following requirements:

4 units of English
1 unit of Physical Education
4 units of Mathematics
1 unit of Technology
3 units of Science
3 units of Social Studies
2 units of Foreign Language
6 units of electives

In addition to completing the above required core courses, students must

  • Complete a minimum of 120 hours of community and/or school service (30 hours per year);
  • Meet keyboarding proficiency requirements;
  • Pass the Exit exam; and
  • Successfully complete a Senior Project.

Promotion Criteria

Sophomore: 5 credits (1 English, 1 Math)
Junior: 11 credits (2 English, 2 Math, 1 Science)
Senior: 18 credits (3 English, 3 Math, 2 Science)


Homework is an integral part of a quality education. Homework not only provides excellent opportunities for developing good study habits, but also offers the student the opportunity to progress beyond the constraints of class time. It provides a framework for the student to apply what is being learned on an individual basis. Homework is structured to complete, supplement, and enrich regular class work. It also provides review and reinforcement of a particular skill, topic, or concept.

Students are expected to contribute considerable time and effort in completing homework assignments. Homework is an integral part of almost every daily course of study. Parents/guardians should provide surroundings that are conducive to study. Support and encouragement are vital to the student for completing assignments proficiently and for developing quality work.

Parents/guardians and students must be aware that completion of outside schoolwork may be complicated by participation in extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and other commitments. The schoolís expectation is that the completion of assignments be a high priority for each student. High school is, after all, the studentís job/ work.


Legacy Early College High School follows the South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale.

To receive credit for a course a student must complete instructional requirements in a satisfactory manner and also must be in compliance with the attendance policy. A student who fails to comply will not receive credit for the course.

Grades earned by the student are numerical. A studentís numerical average is determined by considering each Unit grade along with semester and/or final exams and projects as a certain percentage of the overall course grade. Following are performance levels of the LCS grading scale:

90-100 = Mastery Level
80-89 = Proficiency Level
0-79 = Below Proficiency
(*An average of 85-100 is needed to qualify for the Life Scholarship.)

If a student receives below proficiency (0-79) on a major graded assignment, another opportunity will be given to master the material with further instruction through Academic Assistance. Retesting will follow the additional instruction, if a student attends Academic Assistance.

Report Cards and Progress Reports

Each major grading period is nine weeks in duration. Information regarding student progress is issued at the mid-point of each reporting period as well as at the end of each nine weeks. Progress reports are distributed to students by their advisors on the dates shown in the LECHS calendar.

Student-Led Conferences

Each student will conduct a conference with his/her parents and advisor at the end of first and third quarter. The student-led conference provides an opportunity for the student to share his/her Individual Learning Plan and overall progress in school. This is an attendance day for all students. Students are expected to attend the conference in dress code, conduct the conference seriously and share important information from their Individual Learning Plans and progress in school. Students will also be given first and third quarter report cards during these conferences.

Parent/Guardian Conferences

Parent/guardian/teacher conferences are an important element of successful student progress. Parents/guardians may initiate a conference by calling the Guidance Office and making an appointment with the teacher team. When a parent/guardian requests a conference with the teacher team, the team will attempt to arrange a mutually convenient time. Conferences are planned around the teamís schedule and will not interfere with class time. Conferences may not include all team members. Conferences with specific team members should be requested at the time of the call. If a parent/guardian cannot attend a scheduled conference, the school must be notified as far in advance as possible so that another conference time can be arranged.

Academic Assistance/Acceleration(Power Hour)

Academic Assistance/Acceleration sessions are scheduled immediately following the normal school day. Triple A attendance is approved by the teacher and may be voluntary or required. Students receive peer tutoring, extra teacher assistance, review for proficiency of class objectives, or more time to work on assignments. Students are expected to use this time to work, not to socialize. Disciplinary action results when students do not comply with study and work expectations.

Triple A is either assigned by the teacher or is requested by students who need extra help. It takes priority over all other activities including athletic events or practices, all clubs, etc. Students are responsible for making transportation arrangements when attending Triple A. Teachers notify students prior to required attendance at a session.

After school Academic Assistance/Acceleration sessions provide students with extra teacher assistance as well as more time to work on class projects.

Greenville Technical College Writing and Math Centers

Students who take Greenville Tech classes can get help with writing assignments at the College Writing Center. Students taking GTC mathematics classes can get math assistance at the Math Center. Hours of operation are posted at the College. These two areas are staffed with GTC faculty and peer tutors.

Greenville Technical College instructors are available to assist students during their posted office hours.