History and Mission

Our History

Legacy Charter School originated in 2010 through the vision of businessman William Brown, a lifelong advocate of education. Today our school occupies the site of the historic Parker High School and the former Greenville County Fine Arts Center. In 2017, we re-branded to Legacy Early College to reflect our college-focused education programs. High school scholars take classes at Greenville Technical College and North Greenville University, giving them a jump-start on their college career. 

For more information about Parker High and its history, visit the alumni-sponsored Parker High website, or read more on Our Upstate Ancestry.

Legacy's education model combines academic excellence, nutrition, and fitness. Legacy is a school of 80 percent mastery, serves only nutritious meals, and is the only public school in SC that provides daily PE for every student. Students are also taught core social, relationship, and emotional skills.


The mission of Legacy Early College is to offer a quality, rigorous, and relevant educational program leading to college graduation and empowering underserved urban students to become productive, fit, principled citizens in a changing society.


Our vision is to see every child to and through college graduation.


Overview Video

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A Legacy Early College (LEC) student accepts academic rigor as the main focus of high school, expects to attend college for training or a degree, has reached the maturity and skills level required to begin taking college courses, has reached a developmental level that allows independent work, and seeks the challenge to learn and to grow.

LEC is "Where the future begins" because of the possibilities available to its students. Located at 900 Woodside Ave, this school occupies a unique position in Greenville County. The LEC students are able to use facilities on any of the Greenville Technical College (GTC) campuses as well as enroll in the college's classes.   

With the combination of academic rigor and technical courses, LEC produces students who are capable of meeting the demands of other academic institutions and/or the workplace. LEC students become valued contributors to the community and their school by volunteering their time and energy. Each student completes fifty hours of community service in a single school year. Our students' contributions make great things happen at Legacy Early College and in the community.

Steps for Student Success

To be successful, LEC students must:

  • Believe in themselves.
  • Promptly seek assistance from any faculty, staff, or administration when necessary.
  • Prepare for classes and bring all necessary materials to class.
  • Ask for help. Each student is a member of a team that is working for success.
  • Get involved in student government, athletics, and other school sponsored organizations and activities.

Bill of Student Rights

Each student at LEC has the right to:

  • Be treated as an exceptional human being.
  • Receive a great education. Teachers should be free to teach and students free to learn without being interrupted by inconsiderate or disruptive students.
  • Be safe in school environment.
  • Have personal property respected.
  • Be free from physical abuse and/or mental abuse such as name calling, intimidation, harassment, or vulgar language. Swearing and use of inappropriate language are not acceptable. (Refer to the LEC Code of Conduct.)
  • Be free from mocking or isolation because of race, sex, religion, or any individual differences.
  • Be respected by others.
  • Have privacy.
  • Have personal freedom to express ideas and develop one's own personality, as long as it does not interfere with the rights of others, without disrespectful criticism or pressure from peers and cliques.

High Expectations–High Student Achievement

Education is the sole career of a student and learning is the student's job/work. Each student at LEC is expected to:

  • Be respectful of other students, faculty, staff, administration, parents, visitors, and members of the Greenville Technical College community.
  • Be respectful of school property and campus facilities.
  • Be responsible for learning. Learning is the student's primary responsibility. Socializing inappropriately during classes interferes with both learning and the general atmosphere of the classroom.
  • Be prepared and complete all homework assignments. Be responsible for taking all materials to each class.
  • Put forth the best effort at all times.

Other Student Responsibilities

Other student responsibilities include behaviors that create a(n):

  • Atmosphere in the classroom conducive to learning without behaviors that disrupt;
  • School atmosphere in which students can expand their minds and grow in wisdom;
  • Safe environment in which to learn and study.

Parent/Guardian Involvement

If students are to succeed in school, the home and school must work together. Because parents/guardians are partners in their children’s education, LEC reaches out to involve them. Parents/guardians must take part in decisions affecting their children. As partners in education, they have certain rights and responsibilities.

Parent/guardian rights include

  • Knowing what is expected of their child;
  • Knowing what and how their child is being taught;
  • Knowing, on a timely basis, what progress their child is making;
  • Being informed when their child experiences difficulty;
  • Seeing their child's school records;
  • Visiting the school and talking to teachers and administration;
  • Assisting and participating in educational decision making; and
  • Being treated with courtesy and respect by school personnel.

Parent/guardian responsibilities include

  • Sending their child to school rested, clean, nourished, and ready to learn;
  • Ensuring their child attends school regularly and arrives on time;
  • Being aware of their child’s class assignments, progress and problems; responding to communication;
  • Maintaining ongoing contact with their child's teachers and with administration; responding to communication;
  • Reinforcing at home the importance of acquiring the knowledge, skills, and values needed to function in society;
  • Volunteering time, skill, and resources when needed and possible; 20 hours per school year;
  • Taking part in school and community programs that serve to empower them through participation in making educational decisions.

Success Strategy

All students at Legacy Early College have the opportunity to receive a world class education, one where they are taught how to lead a healthy, productive life, along with how to acquire the skills necessary to succeed.

  • We offer a private school education at public school prices - FREE.
  • Every student is expected, and provided with the support needed, to graduate from college.
  • With a focus on fitness, we are the only school in South Carolina that requires our students to participate in daily physical education.
  • Proper diet is emphasized with nutrition education and healthy breakfasts and lunches served daily, along with dinner for students in the after-school program.
  • Students have opportunities to attend camps and trips to educate, motivate, and empower them to succeed.
  • Elementary students participate in strings, percussion, and chorus classes.
  • Extended day programs and summer school is included for both academic and enrichment.
  • Our early college partnership with Greenville Technical College allows our students to earn college transfer credits.
  • As a school of mastery, students must achieve 80% competency to receive credits; student not achieving 80% must attend mandatory academic assistance.