Parent Support

Beginning of Year Parent Information Meeting-July 2016

Welcome Letter to Parents

    June, 2015

    Dear Parents of College Bound Legacy Lions,

    We are pleased that your child is planning on attending Legacy Charter Elementary School for the 2015-2016 school year!  This year we are providing new students with TWO FREE Legacy polos and returning students with ONE FREE Legacy polo.  These will NOT be available for pick up until after August 1st. We are using the same company this year and the shirts will come directly to our school for pick up. Please listen for an All-Call Phone Call the last week in July for which day you can come by the school and pick up your child’s polo as well as purchase any extra polos for the year. Please be sure your phone number is up to date with the office so you can receive the call.

    White polos may be worn for new Legacy students attending summer school transitional sessions the weeks of July 13th and July 20th.  White polos, khaki pants, shorts, or skorts as well as sneakers may be purchased at another store of your choice so your little one is ready to start the year on August 11th. Also, Legacy Elementary has a Uniform Closet. If you have any gently used Legacy polo shirts or khaki pants, please consider donating them. For more information, please contact Adaidra Hill at 864-214-1600.

    As a reminder, Legacy is a public charter school that relies on not only public funds but also sources of funding to continue many of our special programs and initiatives. This year, all families of students in grades 5k-12th will be required to support our school through Student Activity Fees. For students attending the elementary school, the Student Activity Fee for each child will be $50. These yearly fees will be used to help fund such things as: initial uniform polos, honor polos, classroom supplies, program rentals, field trips, Lions College Club Afterschool Program, etc. We will offer 2 options for payment.

    ***You can come to the school to pick up your forms packet and parent handbook beginning July 13th. Please fill out the forms and return by August 1st. All documents need to be on file before school starts on August 11th

    Your packet is complete when we receive the following:

    -Student Health and Emergency Form

    -Home Language Form (should have completed when completed application)

    -Commitment to Excellence Form

    -Free and Reduced Lunch Form

    -Student Activities Fee Form

    -Consent Form for Human Subject Participation in Research (Furman Health and Fitness PE Study)

    -Bus Transportation Policy Form

    -Universal Field Experiences Permission Form

    -Photo Permission Form

    -Technology Acceptable Use Permission Form

    -Volunteer Sheet

    -Parent Handbook Form

    -Parent Involvement Plan (PIP) Survey

    -PTSO Information

    -Copies of Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Immunization Form, and Proof of Residency must also be on file. Please double check with office to make sure you are not missing a copy of something.

    ***Please place the following dates on your calendars so you can plan to join us:

    -Week of July 13th –begin coming into the school to pick up your packets (The office is open all of July from 8-4 Mondays-Thursdays, closed on Fridays)

    -July 13th until July 16th from 8:30am-12:30pm –Summer Transitional School for ALL 5k Students

    -July 20th until July 23rd from 8:30am-12:30pm –Summer Transitional School for ALL 5k Students

    -July 20th until July 23rd from 8:30am-12:30pm –Summer Transitional School for ALL NEW Students in Grades 1-4

    -July 23rd at 12pm –Parent Meeting for ALL Legacy Parents (old and new)

    -Approx. August 1st –you will receive a phone call when to come in and pick up your child’s Legacy polos

    -August 6th from 3:00-6:00pm –Drop-In Open House for ALL Legacy Elementary Students and Families –meet your child’s teacher, pay $50 Student Activity Fees, get car tags, sign up for Lion’s College Club Afterschool Program, etc.

    -Tuesday, August 11th –School Begins for ALL Legacy Elementary Students

    -August 17th –Lion’s College Club Afterschool Program Begins

    ***Reminders to help families make necessary plans:

    • Breakfast is served from 7:30-8:00am ONLY each morning. Students are late after 8:10am and parents MUST come in and sign students in when late past 8:10am.

    • School doors do NOT open until 7:30am each morning. Students may NOT get out of their cars until the doors open. Staff is not on duty until 7:30am and it is not safe for students to be dropped off and unattended.

    • School Dismisses Mondays-Thursdays at 3:45pm and 1:00pm on Fridays.

    • We will NOT have afterschool care the first week of school. We will officially start the Lion’s College Afterschool Program on Monday, August 17, 2015.

    • Please be sure students are picked up promptly at dismissal (students should not have to wait past 4:00pm Mondays-Thursdays or past 1:15pm on Fridays –we do not have staff on duty to monitor students. (Reminder: Students not being picked up on time will be used in determining if students should return to Legacy the following school year.)

    • Students may NOT be signed out early after 3:30pm Mondays-Thursdays and 12:30pm on Fridays. The front doors will be locked and parents need to remain in cars in the car rider line. Please plan appointments accordingly to keep students learning in school every minute possible.

    • For the safety of the children, students will ONLY be dismissed to cars in the car rider line with yellow Car Tags displayed in cars. If you do not have the car tag with you, you will be asked to pull over and park to come in to get a new car tag. Car Tags will be given to parents during Open House on August 6th.  Be sure to request extra Car Tags if needed for extra cars picking up your children.

    • For the safety of the children, it is illegal to drop students off on the left side of the car rider line as well as pulling around a car in front of you to pick up/drop off your child. The police monitor this activity. We only have 1 car rider lane… please be patient with us –we dismiss as quickly as possible.

    • Please do NOT park on grass outside gates, on sides of school, in car rider line, or in back of school and walk up to pick your child up from school. Students will ONLY be dismissed to cars in the car rider line with yellow car tags. The police monitor parents trying to park in those areas.

    • ALL students are expected to be in Legacy Uniforms (clean and without rips) EVERY day –there are NO exceptions. Families will be called to the school if there are ever any dress code issues.

    • We are a SNEAKERS only school. There is no need for students to wear any other shoes. They will not be allowed to change into sneakers during the school day.

    • We are a health and wellness school. Students will not be allowed to bring unhealthy foods on campus for lunch, snack, breakfast, parties, etc. Unhealthy foods will be confiscated and parents will be called.

    • We are also a “nut-free” school. Please keep any food items containing nuts home and away from school to keep our children with nut allergies safe and healthy.

    • Cell phones are not allowed on campus for any student as well as using cell phones in the car rider line –please keep all student cell phones at home during the school days.

    Again, thank you for being part of the Legacy Charter Elementary School family! We look forward to another awesome year -See you soon!       

     Mrs. Burrows, Mr. Gist, and the Legacy Family

      Dress Code

        Students must arrive at school dressed properly according to the LCS dress code of every school and must remain in uniform until leaving campus.

        The standard student attire is:

        • Grades K5-8 wear Purple golf(polo) shirts with the Legacy logo
        • LECHS (Grades 9-12) wear White oxford shirts with ties/cross ties
        • Khaki pants that fit at the waist and not below
        • Shorts or skirts with belt loops that are knee length or below
        • A belt should be worn and visible
        • Shoes with covered toes and heels.

        Students attempting to deviate from the established code by adding or deleting items or by making changes will not be allowed on campus. Administration will make final judgment, interpretations, and changes regarding dress code issues.

      Code of Conduct

        All teachers have the authority and responsibility to ensure compliance with properly adopted rules and regulations, even though violations may occur outside the classroom. Teachers may take appropriate action wherever they find a violation on the school grounds. The administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of student behavior and dress. Authority to suspend students is prescribed by South Carolina Law. Off-Limits Areas Loitering in front of school buildings, in hallways, in restrooms, in stairwells and stairways, and outside buildings, during the school day is prohibited. Students may not enter the parking lot during the school day without permission from the office. Those who are dismissed early must leave the building and the campus promptly.

        Room Change Movement Regulations

        The following regulations for student pedestrian traffic at Legacy Charter School will ensure that movement of students to and from classes and activities is orderly and non-disruptive to the educational atmosphere.

        1.      When walking in the halls, stairways, and on campus sidewalks, keep to the right at all times. Refrain from standing in the middle of hallways, in hallway intersections, and in stairwells.

        1.      No running or loud talking in the hallways, stairways, or sidewalks.

        1.      During class times no student should be in the hallways or other areas outside the classroom without a hall pass, signed by a teacher, stating the time excused and the destination. The student must go only to the stated destination and return promptly. Hall passes are checked.

        1.      Emergency drills at LCS are a serious matter. Students should be familiar with fire drill instructions posted near the doors in classrooms. When the signal for an emergency drill is given, students must move quickly, quietly, and in an orderly fashion to the location designated by the teacher. Silence is essential in the event that vocal instructions are necessary.

        Examples of Violations of the LCS Code of Conduct (This list is not all-inclusive.)



        Chronic tardiness
        Cutting classes
        Cutting school

        Conducting personal business(buying, selling, trading of personal items)

        Disruptive behavior in the classroom

        Disruptive acts which interfere with the educational process
        Distribution of unauthorized materials on school grounds
        Dress code violations
        Gambling or possessing gambling devices and materials
        "Ganging" or participation as a member of a gang inflicting harm on a person

        Inappropriate behavior including public displays of affection
        Insubordination (refusing to obey teachers, staff, and administration)
        Intimidation of others
        Leaving campus
        Making threats
        Off-limits areas
        Parking lot violations
        Physical abuse of others
        Possession of a weapon (gun, knife, club, etc.)
        Possession or use of any type of fireworks
        Possession, use, distribution, or being under the influence of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, or controlled substances
        Selling food or any other unauthorized items at school
        Sexual harassment/assault

        Throwing objects

        Use of obscene/inappropriate language
        Willful destruction of school property
        Willful destruction of private property on school grounds

        Computer Use

        A computer acceptable use policy, procedures, and permission form must be signed by students and parents/guardians and be on file before computer access is given to LCS students. Computer resources include hardware, software, and the Internet. Such resources are to be used as learning tools for academic research and growth. Inappropriate or unethical use of computer resources and the Internet is strictly prohibited. Students are expected to abide by all LCS lab and technology user rules as well as state and national laws regarding use. Violation of rules or laws will result in immediate disciplinary action.

        Field Trips

        Any student wishing to participate in a field trip or similar activity must comply with the dress code, behavioral standards, and parent/guardian permission requirements as outlined by the supervising faculty member. In addition, all transportation for field trips and related activities must be in faculty vehicles, the school van, or a regular bus or mini-bus. No student is allowed to drive a vehicle on field trips. Participating students must be passing all subjects and have submitted signed permission slips prior to the activity.

        Food and Refreshments

        Below are rules pertaining to eating and drinking.

        1.      Food is not allowed in classrooms or labs for any reason.

        1.      Hot beverages and soft drinks (juice, iced tea, soda, etc.) are prohibited on campus

        1.      Water is allowed in clear, plastic containers; however, it may not be taken into computer labs.

        Public Conduct on School Property

        LCS expects a high standard of conduct from its students, faculty, and support staff. No less is expected from its visitors LCS teachers, staff, and administrators will enforce the Code of Conduct.

        The LCS Code of Conduct governs the conduct of all persons authorized upon any premises or property that is under the control of the school for use in its teaching as well as at other locations where LCS students and employees are participating in administrative, cultural, recreational, athletic, and any other programs and activities. Any person who is not authorized by the school is trespassing and subject to arrest.

        Strictly Prohibited and/or Illegal Conduct

        No person, either alone or with others, shall:

        1.      Cause or threaten physical injury to any other person for the purpose of compelling or inducing such other person to refrain from any act that he/she has a lawful right to perform, or to perform any act that he/she has a lawful right not to perform.

        1.      Use, possess, sell or distribute alcohol, illegal drugs, and drug paraphernalia. Violation will result in expulsion.

        1.      Use or possess tobacco products.

        1.      Physically restrain or detain any other person, or remove such person from any place where he/she is authorized to remain.

        1.      Damage or destroy school property or property under the school’s jurisdiction, or remove or use such property without authorization.

        1.      Enter into any private office of an administrator, faculty member, or staff member without expressed or implied permission.

        1.      Enter and remain in any building or facility for any purpose other than its authorized uses or in such a manner as to obstruct its authorized use by others.

        1.      Remain in any building or facility after it is normally closed without authorization.

        1.      Refuse to leave any building or facility after being required to do so by an administrator, member of the faculty, or staff member or obstruct the free movement of persons and vehicles in any place to which these rules apply.

        1.      Disrupt or prevent the peaceful and orderly conduct of classes, lectures, and meetings or deliberately interfere with the freedom of any person to express his/her views, including invited speakers.

        1.      Have in his/her possession upon any premises to which these rules apply any rifle, shotgun, pistol, revolver, or other firearm or weapon, whether or not a license to possess the weapon has been issued to such person. (South Carolina Safe School Law states that once on school property, all vehicles are subject to search.)

        1.      Incite others to commit any of the acts herein prohibited with specific intent to procure them to do so.

        1.      Violate any law, regulation, or Board policy.