Strategy & History

Our Success Strategy

All students at Legacy Charter School have the opportunity to receive a world class education, one where they are taught how to lead a healthy, productive life, along with how to acquire the skills necessary to succeed.

  • We offer a private school education at public school prices - FREE.
  • Every student is expected, and provided with the support needed, to graduate from college.
  • With a focus on fitness, we are the only school in South Carolina that requires our students to participate in daily physical education.
  • Proper diet is emphasized with nutrition education and healthy breakfasts and lunches served daily, along with dinner for students in the after-school program.
  • Students have opportunities to attend camps and trips to educate, motivate, and empower them to succeed.
  • Elementary students participate in strings, percussion, and chorus classes.
  • Extended day programs and summer school is included for both academic and enrichment.
  • Our early college partnership with Greenville Technical College allows our students to earn college transfer credits.
  • As a school of mastery, students must achieve 80% competency to receive credits; student not achieving 80% must attend mandatory academic assistance.

Our History

Legacy Charter School originated in 2010 through the vision of businessman William Brown, a lifelong advocate of education. Today our school occupies the site of the historic Parker High School and the former Greenville County Fine Arts Center.  

For more information about Parker High and its history, visit the alumni-sponsored Parker High website, or read more on Our Upstate Ancestory.