Carl Stecker





Carl Stecker                                                                                                      

Net Profit Founder & CEO

Carl Stecker’s entrepreneurial drive and penchant for innovation were apparent early in his career. He founded three companies in the fields of construction and publishing. He was a trader on the Mercantile Exchange, trading S&P 500 Stock Index Futures. He was a market maker in the Johnson & Johnson pit on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange.

For one organization, he was responsible for increasing revenue five-fold. In 1990, Carl had fifteen years’ experience in audit recovery, specializing in administering federal, state and local tax incentives. Leveraging that experience, he founded Net Profit, Inc., serving as its president and chief executive officer. Net Profit, Inc. was one of the first in the industry to procure employment-related tax incentives for its clients, including the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Welfare-To-Work, and location-based tax incentives. In October 2004, Net Profit, Inc., was acquired by TALX Corporation, a provider of HR/Payroll services. Carl continued to serve as Director of Tax Credits and Incentives until October 2006. TALX Corporation was then sold to Equifax for 1.4 billion in 2007.

Fueled by his experience with Net Profit, Inc., Carl founded Benefits In A Card, LLC in 2001. Reflecting the competencies of Net Profit, Benefits In A Card developed into an industry leader providing group insurance to the temporary and contract employees of client companies.

Outside of his business activity, Carl provides strong support to local non-profit organizations through his service on numerous boards of directors. These organizations focus on assistance for handicapped, developmentally delayed, abused or neglected young children and their families. Through personal commitment and professional contacts, Carl raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for these charities, giving back to the community to those who are in need.


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