Dance Program


LECHS's Dance Program is directed by experienced dance instructor Ms. Nicole Murphy. Ms. Murphy has a proven track record as an educator and as a Fine Arts Coordinator and loves to inspire her scholars every day in the art of dance.

LECHS’s Dance Program expects to achieve high scholar performance each academic year, culminating in several yearly public dance productions. Specific Dance Program goals that support LECHS’s Academic Excellence and Physical Education goals include:

—Goal 1: Dancers will be able to confidently walk into an audition and execute routines that meet collegiate or professional dance company standards.
—Goal 2: Dancers will develop standards of discipline through practicing dance.
—Goal 3: Dancers will be able to demonstrate or display a variety of dance genres, including ballet, jazz, modern, African, and Broadway.


—Goal 4: The Dance Instructor will implement cross-curricular teaching opportunities on a regular basis, directly benefiting both scholar dance performance and other academic areas (e.g., after biology scholars learn about the circulatory system in science class, Ms. Murphy will have scholars demonstrate through movement how the circulatory system works).

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