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Scholar Stories

Ian Whitner, Class of 2019

“Legacy has helped me become the person I am now and be a successful person. Legacy is the best school to go to right now if you really want to see yourself succeed.”

JzaNasha Murray, Class of 2019

“Without Legacy today I don’t think I would have gone to school. Legacy pushes you to apply for schools and they go out and above themselves and I feel like that really helped me.  If I had gone to a public school I wouldn’t have been applying to schools.”

Cynthia Oliver, Class of 2019

“Legacy paved the pathway for me to go to college, I had teachers, principals, Mr. Brown telling me they were gonna do everything they could to get me scholarships and get me to college and now I am at Furman on a full ride.”

Allyssa D., Class of 2023

College to me means: Breaking a family curse and showing my younger siblings, cousins and friends that there’s more to life than just where you are now.

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