Our counselors and advisors do whatever it takes to support students as they navigate through high school, prepare for college entry, and work hard on their journey through college.



To Contact LECHS guidance: 

 Dyamond Henderson, Head of Guidance Department

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 Legacy Early College is the most customized and progressive high school in South Carolina. The Early College High School has acquired an approach that is laser-focused on addressing and eliminating the opportunity gap between students from high- and low- income communities. Legacy Early College High School allows qualified students to take courses and receive both high school and college credit.


Guidance Services Offered for 9 th – 12 th graders:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Family and student referrals for advanced counseling
  • Tutorial services
  • College placement practice tests and referrals to prep classes
  • College application assistance
  • Legacy Early College Partnerships –application process exclusive to Legacy Early College 9 th -12 th grade scholars
  • FAFSA assistance- Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • College prep workshops for parents and students
  • College tours
  • Community service referrals
  • Essay editing
  • Scholarship workshop
  • College Fair
  • College match meetings- help identify the best fit and match colleges for seniors
  • Summer college campus opportunities
  • NCAA Clearinghouse
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