LECES Curriculum


Curriculum and Instruction

The curriculum at LECES is considered to be all the experiences that a scholar has while at school.  Subject areas taught include: English Language Arts (English, reading, spelling, writing, and speaking), mathematics, science, social studies, health, art, music, and physical education.  Special efforts are made to meet the individual needs of our scholars through individualized instruction, small group instruction, and the use of technological devices. Our school has clearly defined learning objectives following the South Carolina State Standards for College and Career Readiness. We will strive to create a school atmosphere in which every scholar can find success through hard work.


LECES' core curriculum includes:

  • ELA- Expeditionary Learning
    • K-2: Core Module Lessons, Reading Foundations Block, Learning Labs (as applicable)
    • 3-4: Core Module Lessons, Additional Language Learning Block
    • Personalized Learning: Compass, RAZ-Kids, Independent Reading
    • Small-Group Intervention: Leveled Literacy Instruction (LLI)
  • Math- Eureka
    • Core Lessons including fact fluency, problem solving, math modeling including the use of manipulatives/pictures, and mathematical explanations
    • Personalized Learning: Compass, Khan Academy, Zearn (TBD)
    • Small-Group Intervention: Zearn (TBD), Manipulative Practice, Guided Math Approach
  • Content: Science and Social Studies
    • Independent work stations incorporating independent activities for core concepts that incorporate ELA standards and applications
    • STEAM Lab- Provides hands on learning to connect classroom instruction to application
    • Library- Provides expansion upon Social Studies topics and additional research blocks for more in depth exploration of content topics


LECES believes in the power of assessments to inform instruction and gauge scholar mastery of grade level standards.  The following assessments will be used throughout the year and scholar performance will be communicated to families through graded work packets, Powerschool gradebook, and parent conferences.  Scholar performance on these assessments is the major determining factor in promotion to the next grade level as these data points show whether critical skills and grade level foundations have been mastered.

  • NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP): Provides normative data on scholars’ current skill levels in ELA and Math as compared to grade level peers
  • DRA2 (K): Early literacy assessment for foundational literacy skills
  • Amplify Reading 3D (1-4): Determines scholars’ reading level based on Fountas and Pinnell reading continuum
  • Expeditionary Learning and Eureka Assessments: Provide authentic assessments on grade level standards based on the lessons taught in class
  • Interim Assessments (3-4): Assesses scholar mastery of standards taught throughout the school year and used to predict mastery level on SCReady
  • DIBELS/Running Records: Progress monitoring tools used to track scholar progress in-between major assessment points in the school year

Gifted and Talented Experiences

LECES strives to offer scholars performing above grade level the push that they need to continue to grow on their own academic journey.  Below is the basic foundation that we provide for such scholars:

  • Identification:
    • Scholars are identified formally for the Gifted and Talented Program in the Fall of 2nd Grade through the South Carolina CogAT/ITBS Assessments.
    • Scholars in 5k-4th are also identified as accelerated through formative assessments such as Amplify Reading 3D and MAP as well as teacher recommendations.
    • We look at a scholar’s academic/intellectual ability as well as artistic potential in functioning at a high performance level.
  • Programs Offered:
    • Enrichment opportunities for GT identified children and other scholars excelling in certain subjects/areas in all grades 1st-4th.
    • Pull-out lessons with Instructional Leaders
    • In class personalized learning opportunities
    • Strings and Percussion Ensembles
    • Afterschool clubs TBD

Special Services

Special instruction is made available to meet the needs of our children who qualify under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Scholars are served in settings appropriate for their disabilities. All information pertaining to services supplied through Special Education will only be released to individuals who have direct contact with the scholar and parent/guardian. Please inform the school of any special services your child has received prior to coming to Legacy. The guidelines followed by Legacy Early College are those established by local and federal mandates. Specific and additional information may be obtained by contacting the school’s Special Education Teacher.

Scholar Services Team

The Scholar Services Team at Legacy Early College Elementary School consists of the scholar services counselor, school social worker, and school psychologist. The goal of this team is to provide scholars with knowledge and support in the areas of academic deficiencies, personal, social, and emotional development, to promote positive mental health, and to assist scholars in acquiring and using life skills. This is accomplished through a comprehensive support program including individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom lessons. Additionally, our team provides teacher and parent consulting on an as-needed basis. Our scholar services team may be contacted through our school office at 864-214-1600.


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