Lion’s College Club

Lion's College Club runs from 3:45-5:30 Mondays through Thursdays for 15 weeks in the fall and 15 weeks in the spring.

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Legacy Elementary will offer extended learning opportunities through our Lion’s College Club program.  This program provides additional academic time beyond the regular dismissal time. Lion’s College Club is not an afterschool program. All policies, procedures, and expectations held in the regular school day will also be held in Lion’s College Club.  Scholars who are not able to maintain the same high level of academic and behavioral focus will not be permitted to attend Lion’s College Club.  More information regarding the program will be available at Open House and communicated prior to the program’s start date.

Other general after school program opportunities off campus will be given to our parents at the beginning of the school year.

LECES scholars that do require academic interventions are provided with a free, focused-learning extended day program that truly meets their area of academic need. The components of this extended day intervention are:

o   Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI): Featuring small educator-scholar ratios, this portion of the extended day program provides scholars with much needed reading support.

o   Mathematics Navigator:  LECES educators now employ the Mathematics Navigator System, a flexible, research-based program designed for struggling elementary scholars.

Free Healthy Supper: Legacy serves only healthy meals with whole grains and fresh produce.

Questions may be directed to Mr. Kovach at (864) 214-1600.


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