Young Elementary Scholars smiling and laughing lined up outside under a mural on a wall

Scholar Stories

Cynthia Oliver, Class of 2019

“Legacy paved the pathway for me to go to college, I had teachers, principals, Mr. Brown telling me they were gonna do everything they could to get me scholarships and get me to college and now I am at Furman on a full ride.”

Allyssa D., Class of 2023

College to me means: Breaking a family curse and showing my younger siblings, cousins and friends that there’s more to life than just where you are now.

Shaniya Kinard, Class of 2018

“As a Legacy Early College Alumni it was an honor to graduate from Legacy because their values they instill in their scholars and how it sets you up to be successful in college and the future. Also, the relationships I built with the faculty and my mentor.”

Cynthia Oliver, Class of 2019
Allyssa D., Class of 2023
Shaniya Kinard, Class of 2018
Jayden Williams, Class of 2020

Our Driving Force

Legacy Early College believes in the power of a group of individuals united by the same core values.

These core values guide what we do each and every day. At LEC, we believe that we are a family, a Lion PRIDE, and that all members of our family must adhere to these values so that we can all succeed.

  • Perseverance the ability to persist in doing something despite difficulty in achieving success
  • Respect an act of giving particular attention or consider worthy of high regard
  • Integrity adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty
  • Discipline ability to obey rules or a code of behavior
  • Excellence the quality of being outstanding

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