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Legacy Early College supports college bound scholars from the very beginning.

Legacy early college's 4k center:

At Legacy Early College 4K Center, we strive to create a caring community of learners that gives each scholar the opportunity to share his/her interests and culture. Through daily physical education instruction, choices in their daily learning, and best instructional practices; we will meet the individual needs of every scholar.

Legacy Early College's Elementary Learning (K-2nd grades):

All lower level elementary scholars learn through core modules that will support their learning in our PRE-Early College Program as well as College Program.  Through different modules, various reading foundation blocks, scholars learn the basics of all subjects.  They are given personalized learning through programs such as Compass and Zearn, and all scholars attend hands on learning in our state of the art STEAM Lab.

Legacy Early College's PRE-Early College Program Supports (3rd-8th grade):

All scholars are identified through regular MAP assessment testing during their 3rd-8th grade years. In the eighth grade Legacy parents benefit from seminars about early-college. LECHS guidance sessions are provided for school faculty, ensuring they can properly prepare Legacy scholars for the rigors of the early college program.

Early-College College Program Supports (9th-12th grade):

High school scholars are given ACT, End-of-Course, and Accuplacer Placement Tests to determine which scholars are ready for early college classes, these are conducted twice per academic year.  Scholars that do not qualify for the Gateway for College Success Program are provided with academic interventions in reading, writing, and math subjects through LECHS’s Extended Day Program.   Our educators integrate character-development  training into scholar curriculum .  High school scholars are able to provide program feedback each semester, ensuring LECHS faculty members are aware of current/potential challenges.  High school scholars are matched with Transition Coaches—volunteer community mentors that regularly meet with high school seniors and provide them with career, social, and academic support.

Legacy Early College supports fitness and health education (K4-12th grade):

All scholars receive health and fitness educational instruction and materials which enables them to create life-long healthy lifestyles.  We actively engage scholars in fitness goals by implementing Active Classrooms (OPEN PE) and Walkabouts (Active ED). Sexual Education is given to our middle scholars through Choosing the Best (Live Free).  All of our scholars also learn various nutritional concepts given by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and USDA's Choose MyPlate programs.   For more details regarding our instruction and curriculums and how we support our fitness and health education visit our Wellness Policy


Legacy Early College is there to support our scholars from the Beginning of their education and through their completion of their college degree.


All scholars are given the GOLD assessment throughout the year to determine Kindergarten readinessThrough different studies, scholars learn the appropriate skills to foster success at the elementary campus.


4K Center

We believe in catering to the whole child and providing opportunities for each scholar to develop social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

  • Scholars are given 35 minutes of  PE instruction daily. 
  • Scholars are allowed to make individual choices throughout the day to enhance their learning. 

  • Teachers use strategies that develop deeper understanding and promote problem-solving.

  • Scholars participate in small group and whole group discussions.

  • Classrooms are equipped with interactive technology that helps foster student achievement. 

  • Teachers give scholars opportunities to learn through play each day.

Elementary School

Elementary Campus

We will strive to create a school atmosphere in which every scholar can find success through hard work.

  • Subject areas taught include: English Language Arts (English, reading, spelling, writing, and speaking), mathematics, science, social studies, health, art, music, and physical education.  
  • Special efforts are made to meet the individual needs of our scholars through individualized instruction, small group instruction, and the use of technological devices.
  • Our school has clearly defined learning objectives following the South Carolina State Standards for College and Career Readiness.

LECES' core curriculum includes:

ELA - Expeditionary Learning
  • K-2: Core Module Lessons, Reading Foundations Block, Learning Labs (as applicable)
  • 3-4: Core Module Lessons, Additional Language Learning Block
  • Personalized Learning: RAZ-Kids and Independent Reading
  • Small-Group Intervention: Leveled Literacy Instruction (LLI) and Project Read
Math - Eureka
  • Core Lessons including fact fluency, problem solving, math modeling including the use of manipulatives/pictures, and mathematical explanations
  • Personalized Learning: Khan Academy and Zearn 
  • Small-Group Intervention: Zearn, Manipulative Practice, Guided Math Approach
Content: Science and Social Studies
  • Independent work stations incorporating independent activities for core concepts that incorporate ELA standards and applications
  • STEAM Lab- Provides hands on learning to connect classroom instruction to application
  • Library- Provides expansion upon Social Studies topics and additional research blocks for more in depth exploration of content topics

Middle Campus

What makes Legacy Early College's Middle School unlike other middle schools?

  • Middle School teachers present instruction using Chrome books and Google Classroom so that scholars learn in a college-ready platform.
  • Classrooms are equipped with Sharp Aquos interactive technology.
  • Honor-scholars are rewarded with gold polo-shirts to wear with pride as part of their uniform.
  • Scholars have access to a brand new digital media center.
  • All scholars have P.E. every day.
  • Scholars enjoy a brand-new college-style dining hall with healthy food choices (link to menus).
  • Every eighth-grader at Legacy has the opportunity to earn high school credits in middle school.

High Campus

Academics is the first priority of every scholar enrolled at Legacy Early College High School.

  • Scholars are placed in demanding, rigorous academic courses.
  • Each scholar's program of study will have a strong academic core including mathematics, science, language arts and history.
  • South Carolina Academic Achievement Standards are used as a basis to develop curriculum frameworks and learning standards for each academic area.
  • Through a dual credit program, with North Greenville University, Southern Wesleyan University and Greenville Technical College, academic programs and courses may be identified as part of an individual scholar’s program of study. 
  • Those who meet certain college requirements may begin taking college courses as early as the freshman year.