outdoor class with elementary scholars

About Us

"Being Mindful" is a dedicated effort to support school-wide mindfulness integration in K-12 at Legacy Early College in Greenville, South Carolina.

Here at Legacy Early College we pride ourselves on teaching to the whole child, the healthy child and not just to the academic child.  This includes the best education, and allows your scholar become a successful,  productive citizens that are healthy in both body and mind.

  • Mindfulness is being utilized as a proven best practice supported by research and evidence.
  • We view Mindfulness as a secular practice that is not necessarily associated with any particular belief system or lifestyle.
  • We model our interpretation of Mindfulness in our personal behavior and interactions with others.
  • Our strategic growth plan is organic inquiry and relevant implementation.


Scholars outside on the field

Mindfulness is not a product, Mindfulness is a practice.

Legacy Early College offers scholars a true understanding of the whole child.

Here are just a few ways we go about teaching Mindfulness.

College Bound
  • We encourage critical and constructive self reflection and reduce dependence on external validation.
  • We maintain emotional neutrality and refrain from intentionally evoking overly positive or negative emotions.
  • We focus on behavior you can observe, rather than an interpretation of behavior.
Kids playing with parachute
  • We encourage kinesthetic learning.
  • We allow for scholars to hold tangible objects for stress reduction and physical sensation.
  • We engage the 5 senses.
  • We encourage deconstruction in conflict resolution, peer mediation, big picture/ small details perspective. First find common ground then untangle misunderstanding.
  • We develop "natural consequences" that are directly related to behaviors. Facilitate restoration rather than punishment.