Psychological Services

At Legacy Early College, we believe every child can learn and succeed. We have a Response to Intervention (RTI) team that provides scholars with interventions to target specific concerns to help them do their best at Legacy. The RTI team meets to discuss the scholar's strengths and abilities, and to design an intervention plan specific to their needs. Teachers, administrators, and other school personnel are members of the Response to Intervention Team. Parents play an important role in their scholar's success and the school welcomes and respects their input.


Legacy Early College has a focus for educating all children by promoting the success of each child.  This as well is also the purpose of the Intervention Team.  More specifically, the goals of the Intervention Team include the following:

  1. To provide early intervention for children;
  2. To remediate without the need of labeling and placing a child within special education;
  3. To help monitor and adjust interventions to make them as successful as possible; and
  4. To provide a source of consultation and support for teachers and parents.

It is important to note that the Intervention Team does not exist primarily as a vehicle for special education referral.  Instead, a properly functioning Intervention Team serves as a means of increasing collaboration and communication between parents, teachers, and other personnel with the focus on increasing student success.

For any Psychological Services inquiries, please contact:

Kylie Pellerin

School Psychologist II, LPES


At Legacy Early College we support the use of Intervention Teams (I-Teams) as a means of collaborating with parents, teachers, and other school personnel in order to obtain better outcomes for our scholars. The scholar services counselors are typically serving as the I-Team chairperson while other team members include the classroom teacher, interventionists, speech therapist, school psychologist, special educator, principals, ESOL teachers, etc.

Once a scholar has been through the RTI process and has received two tiers of intervention which have intensified and result in little to no progress, a team can determine whether the scholar needs to be referred for a comprehensive evaluation to determine their eligibility for special education services and supports.

Legacy provides various educational supports and related services to scholars who are eligible for special education. These services include speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and special education instruction and supports depending on evaluation results and demonstrated need. Each scholar who is eligible for services has a individualized education plan.

Legacy also collaborates with other service providers such as our school social worker, mental health, and other providers in the community to ensure that parents are provided the resources they need to ensure their scholar has the services, supports, therapy, or other resources they need.

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