2020-2021 Distance Learning

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Legacy Early College is committed to offering the best education possible to our scholars while taking every step to help support the safety of our scholars, families and staff. 

We are able to accomplish this task based our decisions on the family surveys and guidance from our state and local education and health officials.  We have two main priorities:

  • The health and safety of our scholars, our families, and our staff
  • Preparing every scholar to be successful leading to and through college graduation


Schools will continue weekly communication with all families through newsletters, emails, personal phone calls, home visits, and other social media opportunities.  Teachers will communicate with scholars and families on a daily basis through live lessons, emails, texts, and personal phone calls.All parents should ensure the school has a valid phone number on record for emergencies.Families should also provide an email to receive emergency alerts and other new information.

Quick FAQs

Our Health and Safety Protocols

All staff and scholars will get temperature checks at the beginning of each day. Scholars and staff should be excluded from school if they have COVID symptoms (e.g. fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste). Any staff or scholar with any one of these symptoms should not attend school. If these symptoms are explainable by an underlying condition (such as shortness of breath or cough for an individual with asthma) exclusion may not be necessary.

Campus Operations

Parent Options

Please read the below descriptions and complete our parent choice form. We will assign you to either virtual or hybrid for the first quarter— until October 29—based on this choice. In late October, we will re-assess conditions and offer you new choices, which could include more time on campus for the second quarter. You will never be forced to lock into all year virtual: as conditions change, we will offer new choice every quarter.

VIRTUAL-ONLY OPTION For those scholars and families who may be unable to or uncomfortable with returning to school in-person, Legacy will have a fully virtual learning option where scholars will learn online from home.

These are the core components of our virtual program:

  • Daily, live, synchronous instruction in core subjects
  • Usage of a high quality, standards-aligned curriculum
  • Daily collection of and feedback on scholar work
  • Daily 1:1 check-ins with every scholar

Staff and scholar accountability:

  • Attendance, assignments and grading
  • “Camera on”—established norms
  • All scholars will wear uniforms

Reminder –This learning plan is based on state and federal guidance for opening our schools safely –and is subject to change based on the unknowns due to changes with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

HYBRID IN-PERSON OPTION (If conditions allow—we may not be able to offer hybrid, in-person instruction at the beginning of the school year, but we want to know your choice just in case conditions improve and allow us to offer this model. Schedules will be finalized by the week of August 10) Families who select this model will receive in-person instruction at least some days of the week. Under this model, the current plan could be for elementary scholars to attend school full-time four to five days a week. Middle and high school scholars could attend two to five days a week.

Synchronous Learning

  • Synchronous Learning is the kind of learning that happens in real time.
  • Scholars and classmates are instructed virtually at scheduled daily times.
  • Virtual learning includes live lessons, live chatting, scholar engagement in lessons and live tasks.

Asynchronous Learning

  • Asynchronous Learning is more flexible for family schedules.
  • Live lessons will be taught on a daily schedules by classroom teachers. Lessons can be recorded and accessed at a later time.
  • Assignments can be completed at a later time.

Interventions / RTI

  • Daily intervention lessons will be taught through synchronous and asynchronous opportunities to address individual scholar needs and re-teaching supports.
  • Scholars will be assessed consistently to identify gaps and mastery of lesson content.

Inclusion Support

  • Legacy will implement Free Appropriate Public Education to all scholars with disabilities to the greatest extent possible and appropriate as our schools gradually reopen from closure
  • We will follow all state guidelines for reopening procedures.
  • Special Education Teachers, Scholar Support Staff and School Teams will partner with parents and families to ensure communications are clear and scholar needs are met.
  • We will consult with parents by recommending accommodations for when scholars are in remote learning.

Grading and Attendance

  • Daily attendance will be taken, following state guidelines.
  • Grades will follow expectations established in the Scholar/Family Handbook.

Reminder –This learning plan is based on state and federal guidance for opening our schools safely –and is subject to change based on the unknowns due to changes with the COVID-19 Pandemic.