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Message from the High school Principal

Dear Legacy Early College Family, 

I hope all of you are as excited as I am for the start of the 2023-2024 school year! I have thoroughly enjoyed my last six years as a part of the Legacy Family, and am deeply humbled to have the opportunity to serve as your High School Principal. Here at LECHS, we believe in “Scholars Before Self,” and we consider it a privilege to help you reach your dreams. 

Our goal is for all our scholars to go to and through college, and we believe that earning college credits should start in high school. Over the past four years, in partnership with Greenville Technical College, North Greenville University, and Southern Wesleyan University, we have grown our Dual Enrollment Program from 25 scholars to now over 100. We continue to diversify our college course options, and have invested millions of dollars into building a state-of-the-art College Center that will allow more college classes to be taught on our campus. Despite the added burden of a global pandemic, our scholars have earned anywhere from 3 to 81 credit hours towards their college degree while still in high school, while maintaining a 98% passage rate in the Dual Enrollment Program. In the class of 2022, we had 4 scholars that graduated high school with both a High School Diploma and
an Associate’s Degree from Greenville Tech, and in the class of 2023 we had 5 more scholars on track to complete their Associate’s Degree before graduating high school. In addition, the class of 2022 earned approximately $7.5 million dollars in scholarship money.

In addition to our focus on Dual Enrollment, we also consider our school to be a family- and families look out for each other. From 8:00-8:45 each morning, all scholars attend a small group “Advisory” session where they are mentored by a Legacy staff member. These sessions focus on a range of topics both academic and socio-emotional such as: improved literacy rates, improved ACT scores, conferences on grades and attendance, practice in the area of mindfulness, and vision planning for the future. 

I am honored to serve as Principal of Legacy Early College High School. It is truly a privilege to serve a school family where parents, scholars, and staff care for each other and strive to build positive relationships that support academic and social growth.

Thank you for entrusting your scholar with our team at Legacy Early College High School.


Aaron Ledford

Here at LECHS, we believe in “Scholars Before Self”, and we consider it a privilege to help you reach your dreams. 

2023 Highlights:

Seniors enrolled - 72

Seniors Graduated - 71 Accepted into College - 70

Acceptance Letters - 750+

Scholarship Money recieved: $5,481,328

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About the High School Program

Academics is the first priority of every scholar enrolled at Legacy Early College High School.

Scholars are placed in demanding, rigorous academic courses.  South Carolina Academic Achievement Standards are used as a basis to develop curriculum frameworks and learning standards for each academic area.

All science, mathematics, language arts and history courses listed in the LECHS Curriculum Guide are offered to all scholars. A scholar’s program of study may include additional courses not offered at LECHS. Through a dual credit program, through North Greenville University, Southern Wesleyan College and/or Greenville Technical College academic programs and courses may be identified as part of an individual scholar’s program of study. These college courses are most often taken in grades 11 and 12 as an alternative to high school-level academic courses at LECHS. Those who meet certain college requirements may begin taking college courses as early as the freshman year.

Eligibility Guidelines for LEC High School Scholars Taking College Classes


LECHS scholars must successfully pass the COMPASS placement test in one or more parts to be eligible to take college classes. SAT scores might also qualify

LECHS scholars must be proficient (80 or above) in all of their LEC classes and maintain a 3.0.

LECHS scholars must be proficient (C or above) in all of their college classes.

LECHS scholars must show other areas of responsibility. Indicators of responsibility include: initiative, determination, commitment, discipline, attendance, and grades.

Based on the above guidelines, scholars will be encouraged to take college classes. It is our sincere desire that all scholars have the opportunity to take college classes during their tenure at LECHS. It is at the discretion of LECHS, North Greenville University and Greenville Tech College to limit the number and type of courses allowed.

When scholars are in a college class, the rules of LECHS and the college's apply. This includes the LECHS dress code.

By state law, a student has 5 days to drop a semester class. If a LECHS scholar withdraws from a college class after the initial drop date, he/she will receive a W, will be required to pay LECHS for the textbook and will lose the opportunity to take college classes for one semester.

If a LECHS scholar earns a “D” in a college course, the scholar loses the opportunity to take any college courses for at least a semester and must retake the course at his/her own expense, pass the course, and meet the above guidelines.

If a LECHS scholar earns an “F” in a college course, the scholar loses the opportunity to take any college course for two semesters and must retake the course at his/her own expense, pass the college course and meet the above guidelines.

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