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As Director of the Legacy Early College 4K Center, I am honored to welcome you to our school! We are excited to be the start of your child’s educational journey where we know that catering to the whole child is a necessity in the growth and development of our scholars.  

There is one thing that is clear here at our school and that is we are here for our scholars. This means that we go above and beyond each day to meet our scholars where they are and get them where we need them to be. With the assistance of First Steps of South Carolina, teachers receive consistent training in literacy best practices.  In math, our 4K scholars will use the same Eureka Math curriculum our elementary school uses. 

We all work as a team to build a positive school culture, and when scholars walk into our doors, they know that we have high expectations for them. Academically, emotionally, and socially we have adopted the best practices to ensure that our scholars’ needs are met. 

Legacy Early College 4K Center partners with First Steps 4K to offer free, quality, four-year-old kindergarten to families.  As a First Steps 4K provider, our school commits to providing safe, healthy classrooms and early learning experiences for every child. By choosing First Steps 4K, you are preparing your child for success in school and life.  All SC First Steps 4K providers support developmental milestones that meet state standards for school readiness.
Once again, I am so excited to start this journey with you. Our family looks forward to welcoming our scholars on Thursday, August 11th. We thank you for entrusting Legacy Early College 4K Center with your child, and we want to assure you that we will always do what is best for our scholars. Let’s work together to make this a fantastic year!

Kenesha Hardy

When scholars walk into our doors, they know that we have high expectations for them.

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We teach to the whole child

Building a Foundation

Academically, Socially and 








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Scholars will develop the foundation of literacy skills and basic knowledge that they need to be kindergarten ready. 

It is important for them to develop their social and emotional skills.  We want them to be as prepared as possible on their educational journey so that they are successful. 
"It is time for where you grow up, your zip code, to stop determining your educational outcome and that's our purpose." ~ LEC Founder, William Brown

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