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Tiered College Goals: Reading


          Just like at every SC public school, Legacy scholars take a full battery of SC tests each spring. Legacy goes a step further when analyzing test data. We consider what the scores tell us about the kind of college toward which your child is tracking. Did you realize that the different colleges and universities to which your child might apply, each require a different ACT or SAT cut score for admission? We compare your child's current SC test scores to the ACT or SAT cut scores for many of the popular higher-education choices. This allows us to talk to our scholars about which school they are "tracking" toward right now. We can then set goals and work toward those goals, so that by senior year your scholar will have as many choices as possible when choosing a college. It is common to hear Middle School scholars having conversations like, "I am currently tracking USC and it's my goal next year to be tracking Furman".


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